Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Beautiful Bagher Seirafian Masterpiece

Sunday, 17 May 2015

No #31: Beautiful classic by Late Grandmaster Hussein Seirafian.

Stunning 5' x 8' classic medallion ghaliche (1600 kheft) by late grandmaster Hussein Seirafian and design of grandmaster Ahmad Archang.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

No #30: Majestic Glory of Classic Isfahan rug by Haj Reza Seirafian

Beautiful 8'10'' x 12'8'' 3000 kheft by the legendary late grandmaster Haj Agha Reza Seirafian, founder of the Seirafian workshop. The design shows classic Safavid-era Isfahan by late grandmaster Ahmad Archang with heavy influence from older Isfahan designs such as those of Emami's. 

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No #29: Breathtaking Masterpiece by Late Grandmaster Mohammad AliSeirafian

Spectacular classic Seirafian masterpiece depicting a breathtaking oversize medallion and thin swirls by the legendary designer Grandmaster Ahmad Archang on a grand 7'7'' x 11'6'',  2600 khefts perfection by the later Grandmaster Mohammad Ali Seirafian.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

No #28: Royal court of Shah Abbas the Great

Beautiful Pictorial rug by late grand master Sadegh Seirafian depicting a royal jubilee in the Imperial court of Shah Abbas the Great.

No #27: Dance of flowers

Stunning medallion & flowers by Master Bagher Seirafian
1800 Kheft, incredibly fine weave with superbly executed complex design

Sunday, 12 October 2014

No #26: Blue Indigo Medallion & Swirls

Beautiful Antique rug in blue indigo, a great piece by Late Grandmaster Mohammad Ali Seirafian, the first son of the Haj Reza Seirafian and the oldest of the seven golden Seirafian brothers. The rug depicts the beautiful classic design of the late Grandmaster Ahmad Archang.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ebay Auction Notice

Beautiful antique rug by the Grandmaster Ali Seirafian is to go under the hammer at Ebay Auction

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Ebay Auction Notice

The masterpiece from the Grand Master Ali Seirafian, which was extensively featured in this site is to go under the hammer at Ebay Auction.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

No#25: Garden of Virtue and Harmony

This masterpiece is the unique design of the Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian. Here he combines the elements of a manicured garden design with a lavish harmony of medallions and swirls. It's the magic of the natural dyes used in this rug that bring glory and vibrancy to the beautiful design, which lulls the viewer into a contemplative meditation. The details in this rug could keep one occupied for hours. This rug has over 900KPSI (1200 khefts, or knots in the width); size ~1 x 1.6 m. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

No#24: Cubism

Spectacular antique masterpiece rug by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian. This rug depicts one of the most fascinating designs created by the Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian, which combines the elements of classical Persian designs belonging to the various historical eras from the Seljuq dynasty to the Safavid Dynasty composed in a modern Cubism style., which various design objects are broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form, depicting the subject from a multitude of viewpoints with a greater context. While there is a small medallion rug in the center, several other medallion-design rugs are broken and beautifully arranged around the center. The cubist design is performed in such a way to avoid any distorted impression and maintain the elegance of the symmetric classical Persian rug. This is perhaps one of the first known cubism rug ever designed. This rug has 1000 kpsi, all in Persian single knot style with naturally dyed wool pile on silk foundation.

No#23: The Gate to Heaven

The “holy grail” of Persian carpets, the crown Jewel of Isfahan silk rugs, one of the greatest masterpiece of all time by the Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian. This unusual pictorial rug combines various elements of the Safavid architecture, showing a cascaded mosque gate facade, the columns on each side of the gate, and the decorative elements on the top of the gate. Beautiful three dimensional design, gives a realistic perspective impression of the grand gate with a magnificent  cascade facade inspired by the classical Safavid era architecture. The upper portion of the rug depicts the ornamental pieces inspired by the Music Room of the Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan, the imperial court of the King Abbas Safavid. The gate opens to a beautiful pictorial depiction of a heavenly oasis. This rug is made of handmade Persian style single knot with breathtaking density of ~900 kpsi in wool pile and silk foundation with vibrant colors in all natural dyes.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No#022: Flower Vases masterpiece by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian and design of the legendary Master Ahmad Archang

This stunning 50-60 years old ~2.3 x 1.5 m ghaliche by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian depicts an incredibly rare design by the legendary Grand Master Ahmad Archang. Beautiful flower vases intrude in the outer border of the rug, a design with conflicts yet harmonious. This beautiful carpet is wrapped in most pleasing velvet blue outer zone containing a chain of hexagram, similar to the Stars of David. The unique medallion and swirls is distinctly different from the classical round medallions that Ahmad Archang is known for.   This rug must have been design in the very mature stage of the master Archang's career. The masterful weave of Seirafian includes 1700 khefts (knots per width) and more than 900 KPSI. The heavenly natural dyes are matured to the most glorious colors in this lovely antique rug.

Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian posing with his masterpiece, Feb 2014 

No#021: Childhood Home Nostalgia, a sectional design masterpiece by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian.

This small zaronim (1.6 sqm) rug is designed by Mohammad Seirafian in his later stage of his life. This design is historically important as inspired by his childhood home. At the top, it shows the fireplace mantle in his father's beautiful ornamental mansion in Isfahan.  The partitioned design is also inspired from the decorative wall paintings of his father's home. (1200 kheft, 900 kpsi)