Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No#010: Emeral green silk and wool pile Hunting Scene (shekargah-نقشه شکارگاه) Masterpiece by the Late Grand Master Ahmad Seirafian (مرحوم استاد احمد صیرفیان)

 This spectacular hunting scene rug is one of the super rare works by the legendary late Ahmad Seirafian, the fourth son of Haj Reza Seirafian, who passed away in 2011. His works are characterized by their unique color compositions and spectacular attention to the details. This spectacular carpet is made on zafferon dyed silk foundation. The green background pile is prime wool while all hunting characters in the center are made of all silk pile. The floral patterns used for the royal hunter’s outfits are similar to those of the Safavid era imperial court. The silk characters show spectacular light reflection and color variations from different angles. Please pay attention to the detailed work in the fringes; testimony to the perfectionist nature of this master. This rug has 1600 kheft (900 knots per square inch).

Photo of the Late Grand Master Ahmad Seirafian posing with his version of the Eleven Sceneries Rug, designed by the legendary Late Haj Mosavar of Isfahan (photo courtesy of Mr Mohammad Reza Seirafian).