Monday, 22 July 2013

No#011: Broken Borders by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian

This beautiful ghaliche (~3.5 sq m) rug is designed and executed by Master Mohammad Seirafian in 1987 (1366 Persian Calendar). Master Seirafian has introduced several completely new motifs in this rug. If the Persian rugs motifs were ever copyrighted, the royalties from the use, copy, and recreation of the patterns and motifs by fashion and furniture industries could have been mind-boggling!!. The circular design wraps the medallion in a spiritual manner, perhaps inspired by mystical Sufism, which draws energy to the centre of the rug. This equidistant circular design is framed within a rectangular border. This has been achieved by breaking the borders in the length of the rectangular in an elegant cascade manner. This is the most beautiful broken borders design I have ever come across. Master Seirafian has signed and dated his name in 4 corners of the rug to remind us that the “symmetry” is rule of the game when it comes to Persian rugs. He has however gotten away by violating this very fundamental rule of symmetry to marry the conflicting circular and rectangular geometry. Please note the genius intentional difference in motives in width versus length. This rug has approximately 1000 knots per square inch (1700 kheft).