Sunday, 19 January 2014

No#012: Cochineal Red Antique Classical Medallion and Swirls Masterpiece by Grand Mater Ali Seirafian and Ahmad Archang (designer)

Grand Master Ali Seirafian's Ultimate Masterpiece Carpet in Magestic Red Dye Extracted from the Indian Cochineal Insect Pigments
Another astonishing ultimate masterpiece by Grand Master Ali Seirafian in cochineal red. The insect cochineal dye used in this rug is done masterfully, showing beautiful deep purple color. The method for extraction and fixation of the red pigments from the Indian cochineal insect is one of the most technically challenging work. This method was routinely used in the greatest Safavid rugs of the 16th in the height of the cultural glory of the Persian Empire. The color composition is breathtaking. The medallion is simply the greatest one can ever see. This rug is one of the greatest piece of work ever created by the Grand Master Ali Seirafian. The design is one of the most well known, and most beautiful work of the legendary late Grand Master Ahmad Archang, inspired by the domes of the Masjed Shah, the ultimate classic of the Safavid design of Isfahan.