Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No#022: Flower Vases masterpiece by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian and design of the legendary Master Ahmad Archang

This stunning 50-60 years old ~2.3 x 1.5 m ghaliche by Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian depicts an incredibly rare design by the legendary Grand Master Ahmad Archang. Beautiful flower vases intrude in the outer border of the rug, a design with conflicts yet harmonious. This beautiful carpet is wrapped in most pleasing velvet blue outer zone containing a chain of hexagram, similar to the Stars of David. The unique medallion and swirls is distinctly different from the classical round medallions that Ahmad Archang is known for.   This rug must have been design in the very mature stage of the master Archang's career. The masterful weave of Seirafian includes 1700 khefts (knots per width) and more than 900 KPSI. The heavenly natural dyes are matured to the most glorious colors in this lovely antique rug.

Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian posing with his masterpiece, Feb 2014