Wednesday, 19 March 2014

No#20: Antique pictorial masterpiece by grand master Ali Seirafian anda rare design of the late grand master Haj Mosavar

Beautiful vintage (circa 1940) pictorial masterpiece by Grand Master Ali Seirafian (1.6 x 1.1 m; 1100 Khefts, ~800 KPSI).  This rug is designed by the famous Persian miniature artist, the legendary late grand master Haj Mosavar and depicts a beautiful scene based on a story of the poetry book, Rubáiyát by the 11th century mystical Persian poet, Omar Khayyám's. It is a rare pictorial Persian miniature design by Seirafian which has perspective. Please note the temple on the hill in the background with the trees, they are beautifully arranged in perspective. Colour composition in this rug is stunning. This gorgeous rug contains well over 80 colours, which demonstrate the mastery in the dying technique, producing such a wide range of colors with natural herbal and insect pigments.