Sunday, 29 January 2023

Emami circa 1920 Isfahan rug masterpiece - *****Available*****

Spectacular antique 1920 Isfahan by the late grandmaster Mirza Agha Reza Emami  AVAILABLE , contact for details 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Midnight Blue - mint condition- *****Available*****

A great masterpiece of Isfahan, spectacular beauty of a Persian rug from the legendary Seirafian workshop. Breathtaking double superimposed floral swirls (arabesque) and glaring 16 points medallion on a dark indigo background designed by no one but the legendary grandmaster Ahmad Archang.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Examples of counterfeit, fake Seirafians being sold in the famous and reputable auction houses.

Seirafian (Seyrafian , Seirafian , Seyrafian , Seirafian, Serafyan) is the most counterfeited brand in the fine Persian rugs market. You will see them everywhere. They are being sold by often honest people and reputable auction houses and dealers who are simply unaware and don't have expertises to distinguish the authentic Seirafian rugs. Please be aware and get help from the experts.
Here are some examples currently sold or being sold in the fine, reputable auction houses. 
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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Ultra rare Haj Mosavar's Hunting Scene by the Legendary late Grandmaster Sadegh Seirafian

This is one and only hunting scene Seirafian rug I have ever seen that has a Safavid border, which is also designed by Haj Mosavar himself. Typically, hunting scene rugs use the Haj Mosavar design in the main field of the rug and then tile one of the  many archived border designs from Haj Mosavar. The borders used for hunting scenes are almost always pictorial from Haj Mosavar. The same borders are often reused many times for the garden designs (golo bol bol) and other pictorial and non pictorial rugs. 
Haj Mosavar is known for his pictorial designs. 
However this rug depicts one of the very rare symetric, Safavid borders ever seen by Haj Mosavar. The original design, from my knowledge, is either destroyed or lost and that is why it has never been reproduced.
In my opinion, this border matches the hunting scene much better than the typical border. It is simpler, more elegant, and has a beautiful harmony.
What do you think?

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Flower Rugs by the Grandmaster Mohammad Seirafian

Two spectacular rugs designed and executed by the grandmaster Mohammad Seirafian during his self imposed exile in the United Arab Emirates in early 80s immediately after Iranian revolution. These rugs are different interpretations of the Persian gardens, depicting flowers, birds, trees and water in a spectacular arrangements that give impression of symmetry and harmony. While these two rugs are in fact completely asymmetrical. Grandmaster has created all components of the classical medallion symmetrical design in these rugs with different shapes of flowers and genius use of spacing in the design. There is no lines in these rugs to separate different fields, only shapes and spaces. 
These rugs are prominently featured in the Seirafian Carpet book authored by the grandmaster Mohammad Seirafian.

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Only if this beautiful Seirafian rug could speak...witness of greatness in the Niavaran Palace

I found this beautiful zaronim Seirafian by the Grandmaster Ahmad Seirafian in the Niavaran Palace of the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in Tehran several years ago. It was so lonely and out of place. I wondered if this rug belonged to this room at the time when Shah lived there.  To my surprise I came across this beautiful photo of the young Crown Prince on the same rug in the same room.  I couldn't stop thinking of the greatness this rug has been part of. I don't know why but this poem from Omar Khayam came to my mind

ین کوزه چو من عاشق زاری بوده است

در بند سر زلف نگاری بوده‌ست

این دسته که بر گردن او می‌بینی

دستی‌ست که برگردن یاری بوده‌ست

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Queen's Rug; 1000 KPSI Buckingham Palace 1930 Isfahan Masterpiece - *****Available*****

Hold your breath and take a bow to show ultimate respect to this legendary masterpiece of Isfahan.  The finest example of pre-Seirafian, old Isfahan (circa 1930) masterpiece rug (2x3m, 2500 kheft,  1000 KPSI), showing an ultra complex, medallion design of grandmaster Ahmad Archang which is beautifully influenced by work of his mentor, the legendary grandmaster Haj Mirza Agha Reza Emami. This masterpiece rug was later the inspiration behind one of the most classic work of Haj Agha Reza Seirafian  

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The blue version of this rug is owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Sunday, 26 January 2020

SALE: EXTREMELY FINE FLORAL 160x244 cm RUG by BAGHER SEIRAFIAN ( mint condition)- *****Available*****


This is a unique 1800 khefts, quarter assymetric, silk and wool Isfahan Bagher Seirafian ghaliche belong to a prominent UK collector. 

Among the finest handmade rugs ever made, Isfahan (Esfahan) rugs are the pinnacle of the Persian rug. In an enchanted city, renowned for its taste and finesse, these rugs are of great delicacy and utmost intricacy. The city of Isfahan holds pride of place in the Persian rug industry because of its rich history and reputation dating back to the 16th century. Most Isfahan rugs are finely detailed in wool and silk, often woven on a base of pure silk. Until the middle of the 20th century colours were mostly bold with red and blue motifs on the ubiquitous beige. Still, at the sight of curvilinear vines snaking over an elegant field around an exquisite medallion, the word 'Isfahan' tends to spring to one's mind. Patterns include pictorial and tree-of-life schemes, as well as the Shah Abbas field with its floral vines.


Provenance:  Isfahan, Persia
Workshop:  Master  Bagger Seirafian
Date: circa 1980

Knot Density (sq inch):  over 900
Weave: hand-knotted
Warp (foundation): pure silk
Pile:  virgin wool & pure silk

Dimensions (ft):  5'3" x 8'0"
Dimensions (cm):  160 x 244
Number of khefts:  1800

Mint condition

Saturday, 25 January 2020

SALE: Garden of Eden, a spectacular 1970 masterpiece by the Grandmaster Ali Seirafian

An ultra rare, ultra fine, beautiful depiction of the Garden of Eden, with beautiful hanging vine, flowers, birds, and bambies,in a gorgeous half assymetric arrangement with a whopping 900 knots per square inch (single Persian knots), with full Manchester wool pile on a robust silk foundation.  

This beautiful rug is made circa 1970 and has a classic "Iran-Isfahan-Seirafian" signature at the bottom and two rare Persian flags at the bottom of the gate's pillars in the rug.

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SALE: A Pair of the ultra rare, all silk, hunting scene rugs by the Legendary Grandmaster Mohammad Seirafian

The ultra rare, identical pair of circa 1960,  all silk, 1700 khefts, 1000 knots per square inch, breathtaking hunting scene masterpiece rugs designed by the Legendary Late Haj Mosavar, and executed by the great Grandmaster Mohammad Seirafian. 

The rugs are prominently featured in the Seirafian Carpet book and has a classic Iran-Isfahan-Seirafian signature at the bottom and the counterfeit-proof, Mohammad Seirafian signature in Farsi woven throughout inside the rugs' pile. 

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Monday, 20 January 2020

For SALE: Sadegh Seirafian's palace arbesques rubia rug- *****Available*****

Majestic glory of a spectacular  palace Isfahan carpet; a brilliant  masterpiece of the legendary late Grandmaster Sadegh Seirafian and late Grandmaster Ahmad Archang, designed and executed in 1940s, with whooping 2600 khefts (number of knots in the width of the rug).

This is one of the very early productions of the Seirafian workshop. The lustrous sheen of the fine Manchester wool used in this rug is breathtaking. The rug feels shiny and soft like a silk cloth. 
The rug is made of silk foundation and pure rare Manchester wool. The colors are aged spectacularly like a beautiful fine wine. They are lustrous but at the same time mellow. The rug's execution is a perfection, as expected from the great of the greatest member of the Seirafian family, Grandmaster Haj Sadegh Seirafian. 

The design is a classic quarter asymmetrical medallion and arabesques, inspired by the dome of the Shah's Mosque in Isfahan. This is the original version of one of the finest and most classical design by the greatest designer of all time, Late Grandmaster Ahmad Archang.

This is a  rare opportunity to buy this spectacular rug.

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Saturday, 18 January 2020

For Sale: Love Birds of the Turquoise Garden; A breathtaking antique Isfahan silk rug

This astonishing beauty is made of lusetrous, soft wool pile with abundant silk highlights on the silk foundation. This zaronims rug approx. (1x1.5 m) is very unique as the design is inspired by  the Lavar Kirman from the late nineteen century Shawl period Arboreal design with birds, cited by Cecil Edwards, 1953. 

The colors matured to glory and shows luster sheen of the wool pile. The design and execution is work of a grandmaster. The weave density is over 1,1 million knots per sqm.

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