Thursday, 26 June 2014

No#23: The Gate to Heaven

The “holy grail” of Persian carpets, the crown Jewel of Isfahan silk rugs, one of the greatest masterpiece of all time by the Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian. This unusual pictorial rug combines various elements of the Safavid architecture, showing a cascaded mosque gate facade, the columns on each side of the gate, and the decorative elements on the top of the gate. Beautiful three dimensional design, gives a realistic perspective impression of the grand gate with a magnificent  cascade facade inspired by the classical Safavid era architecture. The upper portion of the rug depicts the ornamental pieces inspired by the Music Room of the Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan, the imperial court of the King Abbas Safavid. The gate opens to a beautiful pictorial depiction of a heavenly oasis. This rug is made of handmade Persian style single knot with breathtaking density of ~900 kpsi in wool pile and silk foundation with vibrant colors in all natural dyes.